Kuşadası Overview Exploring Kuşadası

Kuşadası Overview Exploring Kuşadası

Exploring Kusadasi

Exploring Kuşadası, Kuşadası is located in Turkey’s Aegean region and that is a very important holiday regions. Every year is visited by local and foreign tourists. The most important places in Kuşadası ; Virgin Mary, Ephesus Museum, Ladies Beach, The Temple of Artemis, Güvercinada, Ephesus, National ParkBasilica of St. John and more…

The area has been home to various settlers throught history, including the Leleges around 3000 BC, the Aeolians around 1100 BC and the lonians from 900 BC onwards. Kuşadası was one of the most important ports of antiquity on the Anatolian trade routes opening to the Mediterranean. The period after the Persians and Alexander the Great is refered to as the Hellenistic Age in Anatolia. The most important settlements of this period are Ephesus, Miletus and Priene. Roman sovereignty began in the area after the second century BC. With the Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist settling near Selçuk, the area started becoming known as a religious center.


The part of the district known as Küçükada today used to be the military command center of the Eastern Romans. During the time of the Venetians, Genoese and Eastern Romans, the town was known as Scala Nuova. The period of Turkish principalites that began in 1086 continued with Çelebi Sultan Mehmet’s conquest of the town in 1413. During this time, three entrances were available to the city surrounded by walls. After World War 1, Kuşadası came under Italian occupatian first, followed by the Greeks. The town regained autonomy on September 7, 1922.

Withs its harbor, nightlife and proximity to historical sites, the district has become in recent years a popular tourism destination in Turkey.

Exploring Kuşadası and How Can You Go To Kuşadası ?

Getting There : Kuşadası is 20 km to the Ephesus archelogical site and 90 km to İzmir. The city and can be reashed via cars and buses available across Turkeyi ferries or the Bodrum and İzmir Airports.

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